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by posted 02/08/2016
Feb 8 Update

Feb 8th UPDATE to Winter Sessions, Pitching Clinics and Registration Sessions

Monday Feb 8th clinic at the Storm is canceled due to the weather.


Evaluations are scheduled at the Park & Rec Gym 
Sunday February 28th & Sunday March 6th


2016 Season in-person Registration dates:


Friday, February 12, 2016 06:00 PM - 09:00 PM
David Doherty Municipal Building - Exit 1 (meeting room)


Saturday, February 13, 2016 09:30 AM - 04:00 PM - Last session before evaluations
David Doherty Municipal Building - Exit 1 (meeting room)

NOTE: You can also register at the Winter Sessions


Both Winter Sessions and Pitching Clinics will be held at "The Storm" this year.
You must be registered for the 2016 season to attend the Winter Sessions.
NOTE: You can register at the Winter Sessions.

The Storm is located at:
136 Middletown Ave
North Haven CT 06473
Its the warehouse behind Formosa Restaurant.

2016 Schedule for The Storm
Saturday January 30 - Canceled (Registration session at Park & Rec instead)



Monday February 8    (Clinic)   6:00 - 8:15 Canceled
Monday February 15  (Pitching & Clinic)   6:00 - 8:15 everyone
Saturday February 20 (Clinic)   12:00 - 2:00 everyone
Monday February 22   (Clinic)   6:00 - 8:15 everyone
Saturday February 27 (Pitching & Clinic)   12:00 - 2:00 everyone
Monday February 29   (Pitching & Clinic)   6:00 - 8:15 everyone

Saturday March 5  (Clinic)   12:00 - 2:00 everyone
Monday March 7  (Clinic)   6:00 - 8:15 everyone
Saturday March 12  (Pitching & Clinic)   12:00 - 2:00 everyone
Monday March 14  (Pitching & Clinic)   6:00 - 8:15 everyone
Monday March 21  (Clinic)   6:00 - 8:15 everyone

The plan this year is to have all the girls warm up together at the beginning of the session. After warm-ups, the younger players will have the main space for the first hour while the older players can take BP in the cage. When the younger players leave, the older players will move into the main space for their clinic.

by posted 02/08/2016
Save The Date - April 3, 2016

Little League Softball day at the CCSU Blue Devils Softball game.

I don't have a lot of details yet, but during the LL District 5 meeting last Thursday, we were told that Breanne Gleason, the head Coach of the CCSU Blue Devils Softball team, who is a product of Little League Softball, wanted to schedule a Little League Softball Day.

On April 3rd 2016, the Central CT Blue Devils Softball team will be playing a double header against LIU Brooklyn at noon and 2pm. Coach Gleason would like to fill the stands with Little League players in their uniforms. I believe, after the 2pm game, the Little League players get to run the bases and Coach Gleason will speak to the LL players and then to the LL coaches (and parents?).

Details are sketchy right now, but please save the date and watch for updates as we get more info.

Here are a few headlines from the end of the Blue Devils' 2015 season:

May 16, 2015
Softball Season Ends vs. UNC in NCAA Tournament
Blue Devils end the season 31-14 and win second NEC title

May 9, 2015
Softball Wins Second Northeast Conference Championship

 May 8, 2015
CCSU Advances to Championship Game, Tops LIU 6-2
Laura Messina fires a complete game four-hitter to pick up her 100th career win and advance CCSU to the championship game of the NEC Tournament

Here is a link to the CCSU Blue Devils Softball Schedule for 2016:

Click on the picture to Check This Out!

by posted 01/24/2016
More Good News!!

More Good News (for Pitchers) -
The Board voted tonight to
Not Charge (registered GLLSOW players) an additional fee for the Pitching Clinics this year. If you are a pitcher or want to give it a try, come to the pitching clinics and work with Coach Mark. Our first Pitching Clinic is Monday January 18th, 6pm at The Storm. 
(You can also join us at the storm at 6pm for the General Clinic

Good News for everyone attending (or planning to attend) the Winter Session Clinics!!!

We are going to run the General Clinics along with the Pitching Clinics until the numbers get too big to handle.

So, for now at least, you can join us every Monday and Saturday that we are scheduled to be at The Storm (see the schedule below).

The Pitching Clinics will only be on the dates listed as Pitching Clinic, but the general clinics will run on every scheduled date.


by posted 01/17/2016
Online Registration for the 2016 Spring Season

Online Registration for the
2016 Spring S

by posted 01/02/2016
5 Crucial Decisions For Softball Success

“5 Crucial Decisions For Softball Success” Written By John Michael Kelly

As the spring softball season approaches, whether high school, travel or recreational I’d like you to pause for a moment and consider all the decisions your athlete has to make during the course of a game, and how little time she really has to make those decisions and react to ball, pitch or play. A typical batter has less than 1/2 second to determine pitch velocity, movement of the ball and ultimate spot to place the barrel of the bat each swing. No small feat! The same crazy quick time pressured decisions are true for fielding and base running.

Ultimately your athlete’s or team’s level of on the field success is dictated by the decisions she/they make. And these decisions are a product of many factors, most all of which are found within her head.

Behind every action is an emotion; behind every emotion is a thought. So how can you insure that your athlete or team thinks and feels optimally so that she/they make good decisions on the field?

1. Decide to play in the MOMENT. – Dwelling on past mistakes or worrying about future ones makes focusing on the task at hand impossible. “Be Here Now,” and watch decision making improve immediately.

2. Decide to NOT make any one mistake/at bat or play more important than it needs to be. – The athlete decides in her head how much power she gives any one “event” on the field. The more power she gives it the bigger it gets in her head; the less power she gives it the sooner the mistake fades away.

3. Decide to always practice with a clearly defined PURPOSE in mind. – Building confidence and making good decisions is the result of proper preparation, for competence breeds confidence.

4. Decide to focus on the PROCESS of getting better instead of your batting average, ERA, fielding % or wins and losses. – Learning to focus on EFFORT and refraining from self-judgment is always the best recipe for a quick bounce back after a mistake on the field.

5. Decide to take RESPONSIBILITY for your thinking and emotional state on the field. – Success happens by design, not by accident so come into a game with a plan, ready to face those adversity demons head on!

In truth so many poor decisions on the field are due to doubt and hesitation, a fear of making a mistake. If your athlete or team can implement these five decisions and you as parent or coach support them you will soon see infinitely better game decision making, better performance levels and a greater joy for playing the game!

Thanks for reading!
John Michael Kelly

John Michael Kelly, America’s Sports Confidence Coach, is known for skyrocketing the self-confidence and game performance levels for thousands of youth athletes and teams from coast to coast by reducing the stress and increasing the joy for playing the game! John also coaches travel softball with the 18u and 18 Gold teams for The Next Level (“TNL”) organization in sunny San Diego. You can follow John at and 


by posted 08/26/2015
5 steps to a GREAT at-bat!
Softball Drills and Coaching Tips 

5 steps to a GREAT at-bat! 

Here's a quick 5-step routine that will help your hitters quiet the noise and 
let their muscle memory take over at the plate... 

1. In the Hole 
Begin getting ready early so as not to feel rushed. 
Stretch and prepare by using relaxation techniques and positive visualization. 
Recall any pertinent information about the pitcher. 
Check-in to access your present state of mind and use a relaxation technique to calm fears. 

2. on Deck 
Finalize your hitting plan in your head and visualize a successful at-bat. 
While using self-talk, take a few practice swings to determine the pitcher's timing. 
Check your emotional level again and stay in control. 

3. Before the At-Bat 
Get the sign from the coach and visualize a successful swing. 
Complete all preparatory actions in the hitting routine. 

4. In the Box 
Relax with deep controlled breathing to transition to the muscle memory stage. 
Right before the pitch take a deep breath and release slowly. 
Suck in a little air right as the pitcher reaches the point of release. 

5. After Each Pitch 
Step out of the batter's box while checking-in mentally. 
Get rid of any negative talk or feelings. 
Make visual adjustments and use the hitting routine again to prepare for the next pitch. 

Check it out here: 

by posted 06/09/2015
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