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GOAL- The Big League Division continues to stress and reinforce the fundamentals of softball and allow players to experience the value of teamwork.  Players will bat from a player pitched ball.  Training will focus on proper throwing, catching, fielding, hitting, bunting and base running techniques. Further emphasis is placed on sliding, base stealing, running on passed balls and game situations.
AGE GROUP– 14 to 18 years old. Teams are assigned by tryouts and draft.
SCHEDULE–          Games – June through July 
                            All Stars  – July through August 

LOCATIONS -  Big league Division regular season games are played primarily at Pragemann Park on Monday and Wednesday evenings.  Teams throughout Connecticut particpate in this league hosted by Wallingford.

                       Practices may be conducted at various Wallingford town fields.

All-Star Tournament play is introduced up to the National level with travel to District 5 sites throughout central Connecticut for state tiurnaments.  If successful at the state level, the all-star team will travel to regional and national all-star tournaments throughout the United States.     

- The official game ball is the Little League authorized 12” softball. 
- The batting order includes all players present and ready to play.  
- A team will remain at bat until three outs have been recorded.             
- Teams will use nine (9) available players on defense.
- Players must play at least two (2) innings on defense. 
- Emphasis on proper positioning for hit balls and steal situations. 
- GLLSOW encourages coaches to promote new pitchers in game situations.